Gaurav mishra

11/21/2022, 5:15 AM
Hi guys, I was trying to get cost for non-standard images and saw similar issue open, just wanted to check if anyone worked on ithttps://github.com/infracost/infracost/issues/1988
Alistair (Infracost)

Alistair (Infracost)

11/21/2022, 8:25 AM
Hi @Gaurav mishra, I don’t think anyone is working on this at the moment. Would you like me to assign it to you?
Vadim (Infracost)

Vadim (Infracost)

11/21/2022, 10:06 AM
I'm adding more details to the issue at the moment. This will require a new cost component for this resource. Gaurav has already asked for assistance in the issue.