Hi everyone, I would like to contribute to this op...
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Hi everyone, I would like to contribute to this open issue link which has been pending for quite a while. I was just going through
and in prerequisite section it is listed that one should have "Access to the Cloud Pricing API database via PostgreSQL". So can i get an access to pricing DB ?
Hello! Thank you! I've answered in the issue but will repeat here as well: please give us some time to figure out the details and we'll ping you here and provide the instructions.
Great, thanks 🙂
Hi @busy-agent-35515, Could you kindly provide an update on this matter? If there’s an opportunity to expedite the process, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
@busy-agent-35515 @white-airport-8778 ^^
@fresh-sunset-17083 Hi! Sorry, I missed your message yesterday. We've added a story to prepare all details for this sprint. Apologies, as it can take some time. We should get to it within a week or two. We'll keep you posted.