Hi Infracost team, I added the integration into GH...
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Hi Infracost team, I added the integration into GH actions and set the
pull-requests: write
permission in the workflow, still getting
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Error: The pull request comment was generated successfully but could not be posted:
ST <https://api.github.com/repos/><org>/<repo>/commits/<commit-id>/comments: 403 Resource not accessible by integration []
Could you please support here?
Hello! Please use #help next time to ask for help. We're trying to keep #general to public announcements 🙂 For the issue, I noticed that the API request is for a commit comment, not a PR comment, so
pull-requests: write
probably doesn't help. May I ask you if it was your intent to post comments on specific commits? The
infracost comment
command accepts either
for PR comments or
for commit comments
For the commit comments, could you please try setting the permission
contents: write
and re-run the workflow?
@square-fall-35970 I’m curious why you want to post comments on commits? Most of the users I talk to post comments on PRs as that’s where engs discuss/review the code