I’m trying to figure out how pricing would be mode...
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I’m trying to figure out how pricing would be modeled for Google Load Balacing (https://github.com/infracost/infracost/issues/469) and I’m pretty confused on how the forwarding rules should be implemented because the pricing is “per project” for the first 5 rules: .025/hr for 1-5 rules in the project, then 0.01 for each additional rule. Is anybody aware of another resource where we ran into this “per project” pricing?
Hmm, even if we assume just one project I guess we still have the issue where we don't know how many rules already exist in the project.
I’d go for the most expensive tier (ignoring the first 5) and mention that in the “Notes” field in the resource golang file, we do a similar thing for some AWS resources, e.g. AWS data transfer says “Most expensive price tier is used.”
👍. Ignoring the first 5 is kinda where I was headed too.
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