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    Sumit Tembe

    10 months ago
    Detected Crossplane template file at ./AKSCluster.yml
    ✔ Calculating monthly cost estimate
    Project: sumit-tembe/infracost/examples/crossplane/AKSCluster.yml
     Name                                                  Monthly Qty  Unit    Monthly Cost
     └─ default_node_pool
        ├─ Instance usage (pay as you go, Standard_D2_v2)          730  hours         $83.22
        └─ os_disk
           └─ Storage (P1)                                           1  months         $0.60
    Infracost with Crossplane@Ali (Infracost) @Alistair (Infracost) These are not final changes, we are working on code cleanup and UTs. But would like to get review from you guys.