09/04/2021, 8:02 AM
Detected Crossplane template file at ./AKSCluster.yml

✔ Calculating monthly cost estimate

Project: sumit-tembe/infracost/examples/crossplane/AKSCluster.yml

 Name                                                  Monthly Qty  Unit    Monthly Cost

 └─ default_node_pool
    ├─ Instance usage (pay as you go, Standard_D2_v2)          730  hours         $83.22
    └─ os_disk
       └─ Storage (P1)                                           1  months         $0.60

Infracost with Crossplane @white-airport-8778 @little-author-61621
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💰 1 These are not final changes, we are working on code cleanup and UTs. But would like to get review from you guys.
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09/04/2021, 9:56 AM
@careful-room-41442 welcome to the chat and many thanks for the PR! 🚀 I’m not very familiar with Crossplane but the examples you added help a lot. This might be the kind of big change where we arrange a call to discuss it as @crooked-daybreak-55253 and @polite-vr-31842 have been working on refactoring the schema we use to define resource mappings so the service-logic for things like Azure AKS cost cals can be shared between Terraform and Crossplane 💰 Please give us some time to think about it and let’s keep discussing here or on the PR 🙂
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