Hey Guys! :partying_face: We’re excited to announ...
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Hey Guys! 🥳 We’re excited to announce the release of Infracost v0.10.20 🚀 This update brings you some cool new features, enhancements, and fixes! 💯 What’s new? 🤔 - 🌟 Azure Logic App Integration Account support is here! - 🌟 Azure SignalR Service is now supported too! - 🌟 Say hello to Azure Traffic Manager support! What’s improved? 🛠️ - ⚙️ Enhanced module loading error handling - ⚙️ Default variables for Infracost config template files are now available - ⚙️ Fixed read operation lookups for Azure storage accounts What’s fixed? 🩹 - 🐛 Resolved a nil panic issue related to incomplete resource references - 🐛 Added support for
as a global AWS resource reference - 🐛 Suppressed warnings and sync messages when logging - 🐛 Fixed egress and storage costs for GCP Go ahead and try out the new release! Don’t forget to share your feedback and thoughts with us. We love hearing from you! 💌 Happy cost-estimating! 💰📉