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# general
📣 Hey everyone, Our April update blog is live - we shipped a lot: • Unblock PRs: the all-new Infracost Guardrails now enable you to approve and unblock pull requests that were blocked by guardrails ✅ • Dynamic config files: so you no longer have to maintain a hardcoded list of projects in config files 📝 • Default organization config file: so you can add tens or hundreds of repos quickly and override the config file on a per-repo basis where required 🚀 • Lots of new resources: we now support over 1,000 Terraform resources across AWS, Azure and Google 📈 • Pull request status for GitLab & Azure Repos: set the PR status to merged so you can see which PRs are open vs ones that have hit your cloud bill 💰 • See pull request history: see how a PR’s costs have changed over time 📅