Maybe this question has been asked before, Does an...
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Maybe this question has been asked before, Does anyone know if uses infracost to gather their cost estimates? I'm just wondering if I would potentially having the same feature twice if I decided to use them.
Hey Gabriel, yep Infracost is integrated into Scalr 🙂 Sebastian wrote about it here:
@steep-needle-4000 the difference is the method they use (they use the CLI to parse the TF plan JSON) whereas if you integrate directly into the source control system (e.g. GitHub App), the CLI parses the TF code directly and you can get pull request comments (as well as other features that come with Infracost Cloud).
Hi, @steep-needle-4000! Edgar from Scalr is here. You can DM me in case you have any questions about the integration between Scalr and Infracost.
Thank you everyone for the information!