Hello everyone. I ran infracost against my Terraf...
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Hello everyone. I ran infracost against my Terraform yesterday for the first time. I like it. Question ... given that the vast majority of cloud services are consumption based, have you guys considered adding a prompt to ask for some values? "How much data in GB do you plan to send through every hour?" With something like that, I would get more accurate and useful estimates. Otherwise, I have to build a spreadsheet. 😞
Hello! 👋 That would be a lot of prompts for a project I think 🙂 Instead of such prompts we support a usage file yaml where you can list all your usage. And we also support fetching the usage from CloudWatch. Here are the docs https://www.infracost.io/docs/features/usage_based_resources/#specify-usage-manually
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Have you tried it?
In my case, a data ingestion platform, it's really only one prompt. All services are downstream from ingestion and can be derived by the amount of data coming in.
I'll check out the docs, thanks
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I suppose we could have something that asks for even higher-level questions like requests or total data transfer in and populates the right values in the usage-file