Hey everyone, :mega: :tada: Infracost <v0.10.7> i...
# general
Hey everyone, 📣 🎉 Infracost v0.10.7 is now live. Here are some highlights of what’s changed since we’ve last updated the community: • We’ve added a
flag to allow users to customise the project name 🖍️ • Added additional VCS metadata in the Infracost JSON output file, enabling users to build custom reporting off Infracost 🧐 • Support for private registry modules with HCL parsing 🔒 • Infracost can now accept JSON Terraform var files 🧑‍💻 • General speed and stability improvements 🔨 Thanks again to all the lovely community folks who raised issues, helped us squash bugs and contributed their time and energy to making Infracost better. infraheart 🙇
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