Hi :wave: , I just opened a MR on the `infracost-g...
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Hi 👋 , I just opened a MR on the
project (https://gitlab.com/infracost/infracost-gitlab-ci) I just want to add the
in all the examples using the
infracost comment gitlab
, as this flag must be set when using infracost on self-hosted instance I can see that the whole pipeline is in a failure state, and I'm sorry for that But before going any further, please let me know if these modifications make sense for you, and in that case, do not hesitate to guide me to fix that pipelines to make a better MR 🙂 Here is the MR: https://gitlab.com/infracost/infracost-gitlab-ci/-/merge_requests/39 Thanks for your help
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Hi Kevin! Thank you for creating the MR. Our examples use cloud GitLab version, that is why they don't mention the server URL as we assume it's a default way users use GitLab. However, they don't communicate explicitly how to set the URL for self-hosted version. And we mention it just once here https://www.infracost.io/docs/features/cli_commands/#gitlab
I think adding the flag is useful, maybe we can add a remark that the flag is not necessary for cloud version. I'll look at the MR in couple minutes, will reply back if I spot any issues
Hi Vadim, thank you for your quick answer 😉 Let me know if I can help
Will do 🙂 👍
@billions-application-10929 It seems like the CI runs on your project and the error message
Error: Invalid API key
suggests that you need to specify
env var in CI/CD settings here: https://gitlab.com/kfrapin/infracost-gitlab-ci/-/settings/ci_cd. Could you please try that?
Added the same comment to the MR for visibility 🙂
I just added a comment on the MR, with the key api I'm able to go further, but it looks like the golden files are now causing trouble And in fact I'm not able to generate them on my laptop, please see the comment
If you have questions, feel free to ask 🙂
Oh right, my bad, I missed the golden files 😅 I can run the tests myself and push the changes to your branch. Thanks for signing the CLA! 🙂
Seems like we have an issue running the golden files update by contributors: first, as you mentioned, you don't have access for the private module repo, so this test would fail. Second, Infracost uses the repo name as project name, so our golden files will change from
, which might be okay for your local runs, but should not be merged to the upstream. We need to work on that to fix it 🙂 And for your MR, I would assume we can skip CI as your change should not modify the golden files. I'm going to approve and merge it! 🙂 Seems like you are the first contributor who ran the golden file update. First, we use Infracost private repo for testing the private modules, obviously you won't have access by default, secon
Happy to help, and thank you for your time and explanations 😉
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Of course, thank you for your time too! If I can take another minute from you, may I ask how you find your experience with Infracost? Does it do what you expect? Maybe you can provide some feedback so we can improve it more? :)
I'm using Infracost since July 2021, and I have to say that everything is pretty straightforward, at least in my point of view I use it for AWS cloud only, and it's setup in multiple Terraform projects under Gitlab CI/CD So, yeah, it gives me what I want, a view on my costs before making any apply, in a well integrated way with Gitlab Infracost is a great product 🙂
Awesome! Glad it is useful for you. Thank you! infraheart