Hi, we have been using infracost for a while to pu...
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Hi, we have been using infracost for a while to put comments in PR on github enterprise with atlantis. Now, we would like to use the Dashboard. Although I can see estimates under Repos for various repos, I am not able to get past step 4 (Set up one of our ci/cd integrations). We have a post workflow hook:
- run: |
# In order to stop commenting on PRs twice we need to check
# if the Infracost output directory created in our 'plan' stage exists before continuing.
if [ ! -d "/infracost/$BASE_REPO_OWNER-$BASE_REPO_NAME-$PULL_NUM" ]; then
exit 0
infracost comment github --repo $BASE_REPO_OWNER/$BASE_REPO_NAME \
--pull-request $PULL_NUM \
--path /infracost/$BASE_REPO_OWNER-$BASE_REPO_NAME-$PULL_NUM/'*'.json \
--github-api-url $GH_API_URL \
--github-token $ATLANTIS_GH_TOKEN \
--behavior hide-and-new
`# remove the Infracost output directory so that
infracost comment
is not` `# triggered on an `atlantis apply``
@cold-lizard-19815 do you have 10mins to jump on zoom screenshare? that’ll probably be the fastest to debug
Hi Ali, got a meeting in 5 min, but should have some time at 330pm central
Great - DM me I’ll be around 🙂
Ok, thanks!
Hi Ali - I am free now if you can do a call.
@white-airport-8778, thanks again for your help - here, for reference, is a json that was produced by the breakdown command running in the atlantis container:
@cold-lizard-19815 perfect - that confirms the issue, the PR URL wasn’t set…thanks! btw, next time plz use #help as we’re trying to keep #general for community-wide discussions 🙂
Ok, will do 👍
@cold-lizard-19815 just FYI that we’ve just released native support for GH Apps for GH Enterprise Cloud and GH Enterprise Server. The key benefit is that all of the Infracost Cloud features work out of the box (e.g. PR status is shown in the dashboard/reports so you can create a report of merged PRs only, or use the Guardrails feature to customize the PR comment or even block PRs that go above a threshold). Please let me know if you’d like to try it (it can be used alongside your Atlantis integration until you’re happy with the GH App flow).