Hi all, I would like to talk about some „approach“...
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Hi all, I would like to talk about some „approach“ stuff to find the best integration of Infracost into our pipeline. We are using Azure Devops and have a single Git Repo, where multiple environments are in. Also we are using many self created modules, which are each in dedicated repos. We have configured CI and PR Pipelines which are working fine. When we now want to integrate infracost, with pull request comments, what would be the best approach for that? • scan each folder separately ans use „new“ as behavior • scan all together with the config-file and use update We have first try to add an additional build validation which just runs one time, but this pipeline didn't checkout the configuration repo any how. Thanks for your comments Jörg
Morning Joerg , There’s no “right” answer here. It’s up to your personal preference. In general, I recommend going with the config file approach. Scanning each folder and posting a new comment can be quite noisy on the PR. Especially if authors update PRs as part of code review. This inevitably leads to frustration. So my feeling is to start off with the config file, and then if you want more verbosity, change to running for each project. Hope this helps