Tim (Infracost)

Tim (Infracost)

10/04/2022, 7:13 PM
Hi everybody, I’m looking into automatically generating usage estimates in Infracost using AWS Cost and Usage reports (CUR). Yay, no more need to fill in the usage yaml manually 🙂. I need to get a sense of whether/how people have these CUR reports setup so I thought I would try a quick slack poll. Thanks for adding your reactions to the four questions in the reply thread 😉.
7:13 PM
CURs are1️⃣ not enabled.2️⃣ enabled without resource ids3️⃣ enabled with resource id
7:14 PM
CUR time granularity is1️⃣ monthly2️⃣ daily3️⃣ hourly
7:15 PM
CUR output format is1️⃣ CSV2️⃣ Parquet
7:16 PM
CUR integration is enabled for1️⃣ Athena2️⃣ Redshift3️⃣ Quicksight4️⃣ None

Sylvain Witmeyer

10/04/2022, 7:34 PM
Missing option none for
CUR integration is enabled for