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10/04/2022, 7:13 PM
Hi everybody, I’m looking into automatically generating usage estimates in Infracost using AWS Cost and Usage reports (CUR). Yay, no more need to fill in the usage yaml manually 🙂. I need to get a sense of whether/how people have these CUR reports setup so I thought I would try a quick slack poll. Thanks for adding your reactions to the four questions in the reply thread 😉.
CURs are 1️⃣ not enabled. 2️⃣ enabled without resource ids 3️⃣ enabled with resource id
CUR time granularity is 1️⃣ monthly 2️⃣ daily 3️⃣ hourly
CUR output format is 1️⃣ CSV 2️⃣ Parquet
CUR integration is enabled for 1️⃣ Athena 2️⃣ Redshift 3️⃣ Quicksight 4️⃣ None


10/04/2022, 7:34 PM
Missing option none for
CUR integration is enabled for