i'm running this command from atlantis on a PR tha...
# general
i'm running this command from atlantis on a PR that modifies the
in a node group.
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infracost breakdown \
  --format=json \
  --config-file infracost-generated.yml
  --log-level=info \
  --out-file=$INFRACOST_OUTPUT \
when i check the usage file, i can see that the file contains the live number of nodes for many of the node groups, (if i compare with what i see in the aws console), however, for some node groups it doesn't seem to get the number of nodes at all. you can see in the attached screenshot that a few node groups do not have a value for
. all node groups are in the same eks cluster.
it seems like it's omitting the number of instances for those node groups where the PR is changing the
another strange thing made a change to increase the min size on an autoscaling group from 19 --> 40.
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# module.asg_worker_on_demand[0].aws_autoscaling_group.asg_launch_template will be updated in-place
  ~ resource "aws_autoscaling_group" "asg_launch_template" {
      ~ enabled_metrics           = [
          - "GroupAndWarmPoolDesiredCapacity",
          - "GroupAndWarmPoolTotalCapacity",
          - "GroupDesiredCapacity",
          - "GroupInServiceCapacity",
          - "GroupInServiceInstances",
          - "GroupMaxSize",
          - "GroupMinSize",
          - "GroupPendingCapacity",
          - "GroupPendingInstances",
          - "GroupStandbyCapacity",
          - "GroupStandbyInstances",
          - "GroupTerminatingCapacity",
          - "GroupTerminatingInstances",
          - "GroupTotalCapacity",
          - "GroupTotalInstances",
          - "WarmPoolDesiredCapacity",
          - "WarmPoolMinSize",
          - "WarmPoolPendingCapacity",
          - "WarmPoolTerminatingCapacity",
          - "WarmPoolTotalCapacity",
          - "WarmPoolWarmedCapacity",
        id                        = "prod-eks-worker-x"
      ~ max_size                  = 19 -> 40
      ~ min_size                  = 19 -> 40
        name                      = "prod-eks-worker-x"
        tags                      = []
        # (21 unchanged attributes hidden)
here is the syncd usage file:
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# You can use this file to define resource usage estimates for Infracost to use when calculating
# the cost of usage-based resource, such as AWS S3 or Lambda.
# `infracost breakdown --usage-file infracost-usage.yml [other flags]`
# See <https://infracost.io/usage-file/> for docs
version: 0.1
    instances: 19 # Number of instances in the autoscaling group.
    operating_system: linux # Override the operating system of the instance, can be: linux, windows, suse, rhel.
    # reserved_instance_type: "" # Offering class for Reserved Instances, can be: convertible, standard.
    # reserved_instance_term: "" # Term for Reserved Instances, can be: 1_year, 3_year.
    # reserved_instance_payment_option: "" # Payment option for Reserved Instances, can be: no_upfront, partial_upfront, all_upfront.
    # monthly_cpu_credit_hrs: 0 # Number of hours in the month where the instance is expected to burst. Only applicable with t2, t3 & t4 Instance types. T2 requires credit_specification to be unlimited.
    # vcpu_count: 0 # Number of the vCPUs for the instance type. Only applicable with t2, t3 & t4 Instance types. T2 requires credit_specification to be unlimited.
    # monthly_hrs: 730.0
notice it says 19. and the comment says
1 project has no cost estimate changes.
update: i can only get the project to show cost changes if i change the instance type. it doesn't seem to detect changes with instance count.
Can you re-run with
--log-level debug
to see if that gives any clues? Are you running with
and it still doesn’t fetch the latest instance count from the AWS APIs? It’s been a while since I looked at that code but this file shows the TF params that are read, and this file shows the logic, I don’t think we look at the min instance count, I think it looks at desired_capacity
BTW, one advanced use-case we have is this, I’m not sure if it’ll help you but just throwing it out there.
so just to recap my messages above. 1. yes, i'm using the sync-usage-file. 2. the first screenshot in this thread shows the sync'd usage file for a terraform plan that changes the
. You can see in the syncd usage file that the
have the
count omitted. Those node groups just so happen to be the node groups which i had changed the
for. 3. The other issue i thought there was that it wasn't responding to a terraform change to the
which actually makes sense. it only makes sense to determine costs on
which i'm not changing, so you can ignore that. it's just point 2 that i have an issue with then. i'll run debug and get back to you