guys, im trying to use `infracost` with a config f...
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guys, im trying to use
with a config file but i'm having issues.
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infracost breakdown --path=$SHOWFILE \
                                  --format=json \
                                  --config-file /atlantis-data/repos/b2c2/infrastructure/$PULL_NUM/default/infracost-generated.yml
                                  --log-level=info \
i get this error
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Error: --config-file flag cannot be used with the following flags: --path, --project-name, --terraform-*, --usage-file
sh: --log-level=info: not found
i can't use this against a plan file? i assumed it would... seems strange that this isn't supported. it would be great to see a diff that takes into account current usage. currently all my diffs show the cost of the min_size of the autoscaling group, so being able to get the cost based on the current instance count would be great!