Hey everyone, Infracost <0.10.11> just released. :...
# general
Hey everyone, Infracost 0.10.11 just released. 🚢 📣 It contains significant updates to improve VCS detection. Meaning tons more VCS & deployment platforms are supported out-the-box with Infracost Cloud. Release highlights include: • Loads of shiny new environment variables to help you customize your Infracost Cloud experience 🔨 💻 • A new
infracost upload
command that allows you to upload an Infracost JSON to Infracost Cloud without the need for
infracost comment
⬆️ • Lots of bug updates to resource parsing and price filters, meaning a more accurate Infracost 🥇 Thanks again to the community for helping find bugs, contribute features and most importantly showing Infracost your love infraheart