# general


08/24/2022, 4:00 PM
Hello everyone, is there any future releases to estimate google_composer_environment and google_cloud_run_service costs please 🙏 ?


08/24/2022, 4:10 PM
Hi @best-crayon-95782, We have an open issue here for
google_composer_environment which was being worked on by one of the community. I’ve just prodded them to see what’s the status of the issue. As for
we currently don’t have any open issues to track this. So it would be great if you could open one on our main repo, outlining any useful information we should know. We regularly prioritise new resources based on community 👍 on issues and usage metrics. If you want to get ahead of our regular roadmap, we’re very welcoming to contributions. You can read our guide to adding new resources here: Hope this helps, and let me know any further questions you have.