:wrestlers: Infracost v0.10.38 is released! This ...
# general
🤼 Infracost v0.10.38 is released! This is a maintenance release that includes important fixes and improvements: • Configure references for the Azure Firewall Policy by @owenrumney in #3101 • Take PITR enabled into account by @owenrumney in #3113 • Fix
detection issues by @hugorut in #3102 • Only marshal parser variables once for
by @hugorut in #3104 • Get the relative path based on the starting path for var files by @owenrumney in #3105 • Use cloud generated pr comment when available by @tim775 in #3114 👉 Full changelog https://github.com/infracost/infracost/compare/v0.10.37...v0.10.38 Welcome to the team @most-apartment-65911!