Hello InfraCost, need help in understanding how "o...
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Hello InfraCost, need help in understanding how "one" run count? "Infracost CI/CD" as per pricing page we get the quota of "Up to 1,000 runs per month@free" or "up to 10K runs per month@150$". As part of PR pipeline, So I am calling infracost binary 8 times. "infracost breakdown" x3 (dev,qa,prod) "infracost diff" x3 (dev,qa,prod) "infracost output" x1 (For combining all above json) "infracost comment" x1 (For PR Update) Q1. So how many run it will count for first PR run, and what would be the count if I rerun the same PR? Q2. Do we have any way from where I can see the live count for my account?
Hi @square-action-43499,
infracost breakdown
infracost diff
calls count as runs, the others don’t. If you need to run it for multiple projects, you can use a config file to make sure you only need to call the binary once for breakdown and once for diff. We don’t currently have a way to see a live count on your account.