Hi Team, I am currently exploring cost estimation ...
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Hi Team, I am currently exploring cost estimation tools for cloud resources. I have specific interests regarding serverless costs, custom providers, budget setting, and policies. Could you kindly provide insights on how Infracost calculates serverless resource costs? Also, does Infracost support custom providers for cloud resources? I would appreciate a brief on budget control capabilities offered by Infracost. How do I set a budget constraint, and how does the tool alert me in case it projects exceeding the limit? Lastly, could you share details about cost estimation policies and whether they're customizable to match our needs? Regards, Sumedhaa
Hi Sumedhaa, thanks for the message. I can help with these, we can arrange a demo and I can answer questions. We can also dig into your setup and I can talk about how other customers are using the tool with a similar setup. Can you please email hello@infracost.io with a copy+past of your message, and I'll pick it up today/tomorrow! Thanks
@early-queen-42970, I have emailed the questions. Hoping to connect with you soon.