:loudspeaker: Infracost v0.10.34 just released! ...
# general
šŸ“¢ Infracost v0.10.34 just released! This is a patch release which mostly focuses on squishing lots of delicious šŸ› Key improvements: ā€¢ Rock-solid module handling: No more weirdness when evaluating modules and their dependencies. ā€¢ Smoother Azure experience: Fixes for CosmosDB, Redis, and general Azure resource handling. ā€¢ New Azure Machine Learning support: Get those cost estimates for your ML projects! ...and a bunch of other refinements under the hood for a better overall experience. šŸ‘‰ Full changelog https://github.com/infracost/infracost/compare/v0.10.33...v0.10.34