Hello Team, I have setup a locally hosted Infracos...
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Hello Team, I have setup a locally hosted Infracost API running in docker, and I have successfully updated the database. With this local api I have been able to use the CLI and get a price breakdown 14 since 8/22/2023 (14 from CLI users, 0 from CI/CD systems) I am still working on fine tuning the output but so far things look great from a baseline. My question is this: Can we use this locally hosted API and price data in Terraform Enterprise? Due to security reasons I cannot use the Infracost Cloud offering integrations using Terraform Run Tasks integration.
@steep-rain-99291 The Infracost Run Tasks integration works with Terraform Enterprise but that uses our APIs and our hosted Cloud Pricing API. You can self-host the Cloud Pricing API but that won’t work with Run Tasks. Usually I suggest source control integrations due to ease of use and speed, e.g. GitHub App or GitLab App (both work with self-hosted Github/Gitlab). If you can’t use the GitHub/GitLab Apps, I’d suggest https://www.infracost.io/docs/integrations/cicd/#cicd-integrations with your self-hosted Cloud Pricing API so you can post the pull request comments (the run task integration doesn’t have the notion of PR comments).
We can also go through your security reviews/questionnaires for Infracost Cloud too if that helps.