Hey folks, Hope you are all well. I have a delici...
# general
Hey folks, Hope you are all well. I have a delicious feature announcement! Tags can now be checked directly in the engineering workflow in CI/CD, before anything goes to production. Both the key and value can be verified. If the tagging policy has not been followed, your engineers will be notified in the PR and the code pull request can be blocked until it is fixed (that part is optional). This is now live, so feel free to log into Infracost Cloud, and define your tagging policies, and we will scan your repo and tell you how many resources are passing and failing your policy, along with details of each one. Then we track that over time: https://dashboard.infracost.io/ (if your trail period has expired, you can now extend it for another 14 days from the dashboard too). Any issues, please jump in the #help chat 💜