Hello Infracost, We have spiked to use Infracost ...
# help
Hello Infracost, We have spiked to use Infracost cli to give some cost around our terraform resources, have couple of queries in 🧵
1. I have used my personal login to get API keys for now(which were valid only for 10 days), and if we plan to implement we would using Org Email address to register and get API keys, we would like to know if there are any endpoints to generate and rotate keys & within how many days we would be required to rotate keys
Hello! We don’t require to rotate the API keys, it is up to you. Currently you can do this only via UI going to https://dashboard.infracost.io -> Org Settings
For the free trial period (14 days) you can use all features of Infracost Cloud. After that you’ll be switched to free CI/CD plan. You can read more what’s available on each plan here https://www.infracost.io/pricing/
@creamy-airplane-42387 if you use GitHub or GitLab, we recommend using the source control integration, which means that the Infracost API key is not needed since the GitHub/GitLab authentication mechanisms are used instead. We’re also happy to work through any required security questionnaire if you email hello@infracost.io
Thanks @busy-agent-35515 and @white-airport-8778