Ali (Infracost)

Ali (Infracost)

07/01/2021, 7:48 AM
I’m looking into the master branch failed test:
time="2021-07-01T08:37:07+01:00" level=warning msg="Multiple products found for azurerm_mssql_database.business_critical_m Compute (provisioned, BC_M_8), using the first product"
        Output does not match golden file:

        --- Expected
        +++ Actual
        @@ -33,3 +33,3 @@
        - ├─ Compute (provisioned, GP_Gen5_4)                                    730  hours                  $711.16
        + ├─ Compute (provisioned, GP_Gen5_4)                                    730  hours                  $266.68
          ├─ SQL license                                                       2,920  vCore-hours            $291.90
        @@ -70,3 +70,3 @@

        - OVERALL TOTAL                                                                                   $28,827.36
        + OVERALL TOTAL                                                                                   $28,382.88

--- FAIL: TestMSSQLDatabase (17.54s)
8:28 AM
db.products.find({"vendorName": "azure", "service":"SQL Database", "attributes.skuName": "4 vCore Zone Redundancy", "attributes.productName": {$regex: "General Purpose - Compute Gen5", $options: "i"}, "region":"eastus" }).pretty();
This shows $0.974189/hr in my old DB dump and $0.365321/hr on the latest mongo data. The new price matches the Azure cost calc but I can’t find that price on https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/details/azure-sql-database/elastic/ I’m going to update the test for now as the filters are correct.
8:46 AM
wtf, I checked the above cost calc link again and it shows 711.16 now, @Alistair (Infracost) do you see the same cost on that link?
8:54 AM
"effectiveDateStart" : "2021-07-01T00:00:00Z"
so I wonder if Azure are changing the price today. I contacted MS Azure support to see what’s going on.
Alistair (Infracost)

Alistair (Infracost)

07/01/2021, 9:08 AM
I'm not able to reproduce either price, probably looking at the wrong thing
9:38 AM
Okay, can reproduce now and seeing the 0.98 price in the calculator and pricing pages, but the 0.36 price in the DB. I agree with you that it's probably a price update or a glitch on their end.