I’m looking into the master branch failed test: ``...
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I’m looking into the master branch failed test:
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time="2021-07-01T08:37:07+01:00" level=warning msg="Multiple products found for azurerm_mssql_database.business_critical_m Compute (provisioned, BC_M_8), using the first product"
        Output does not match golden file:

        --- Expected
        +++ Actual
        @@ -33,3 +33,3 @@
        - ├─ Compute (provisioned, GP_Gen5_4)                                    730  hours                  $711.16
        + ├─ Compute (provisioned, GP_Gen5_4)                                    730  hours                  $266.68
          ├─ SQL license                                                       2,920  vCore-hours            $291.90
        @@ -70,3 +70,3 @@

        - OVERALL TOTAL                                                                                   $28,827.36
        + OVERALL TOTAL                                                                                   $28,382.88

--- FAIL: TestMSSQLDatabase (17.54s)
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db.products.find({"vendorName": "azure", "service":"SQL Database", "attributes.skuName": "4 vCore Zone Redundancy", "attributes.productName": {$regex: "General Purpose - Compute Gen5", $options: "i"}, "region":"eastus" }).pretty();
This shows $0.974189/hr in my old DB dump and $0.365321/hr on the latest mongo data. The new price matches the Azure cost calc but I can’t find that price on https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/details/azure-sql-database/elastic/ I’m going to update the test for now as the filters are correct.
wtf, I checked the above cost calc link again and it shows 711.16 now, @little-author-61621 do you see the same cost on that link?
"effectiveDateStart" : "2021-07-01T00:00:00Z"
so I wonder if Azure are changing the price today. I contacted MS Azure support to see what’s going on.
I'm not able to reproduce either price, probably looking at the wrong thing
Okay, can reproduce now and seeing the 0.98 price in the calculator and pricing pages, but the 0.36 price in the DB. I agree with you that it's probably a price update or a glitch on their end.