``` docker run --rm \ -e INFRACOST_API_KEY=$...
# help
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docker run --rm \
      -e INFRACOST_API_KEY=${{env.API_KEY}}\
      -v $(pwd):/code \
      infracost/infracost:ci-0.10 comment github --path=/code/breakdown_output.json \
                   --github-token=${{env.token}} \
                   --pull-request=16 \
I am getting a Bad credential error.
The pull request comment was generated successfully but could not be posted:
Is there a way I can get the comment which is generated and not post it, just store it and view it? Actually, I am able to post a comment using GitHub cli though.
Hi @straight-cat-63864 it might not be working if the GitHub env token isn't being passed into the container. If you want to just see the comment output you can add
Thanks @little-author-61621