Hello GitLab users :fox_face: :wave:. We’re workin...
# general
Hello GitLab users 🦊 👋. We’re working on making our GitLab integration even simpler by building an integration directly into Infracost Cloud, and we’d really appreciate some community input to help us choose the best way to connect with GitLab. Here are the two options we’re considering: Option 1: OAuth Connection • Can be setup by clicking straight from Infracost Cloud to authenticate with your GitLab account. • Linked to a specific user account, so it’s a good idea to set it up for a bot user Option 2: Access Tokens • You’ll need to create these in GitLab beforehand and then add them into Infracost Cloud. GitLab offers different types depending on your plan: ◦ 1. Personal Access Tokens - Available for all GitLab plans. These would need a long expiry to make sure the integration doesn’t break. These are tied to a specific user account, so it’s better to use a bot user for this too. ◦ 2. Group Access Tokens - Only available for those with self-hosted, Premium, or Ultimate plans. These create a separate bot user and don’t depend on a specific user account. These would also need a long expiry set up. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this! If anyone could provide some feedback for the following questions, that would be greatly appreciated 🙏 1. Which option works better for you? You can reply with a 1️⃣ or a 2️⃣ emoji, but it would be helpful to get some more information as well as to why. 2. What GitLab plan are you currently using (Free, Premium, Ultimate, self-managed or not) 3. Any other ideas or suggestions on this topic?