Hello, I would like to ask -> if I downgrade to...
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Hello, I would like to ask -> if I downgrade to the free/OSS Infracost CI/CD plan, can I still use the dashboard? We use Atlantis integration and output the comments ourselves (
infracost comment
), so I'm wondering whether we need to upgrade or not. The workflow is as follows:
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Someone opens a PR -> Atlantis runs plan -> infracost breakdown command -> infracost comment on Github -> output visible in dashboard
I'm just confused whether o not dashboard is supported in the free version. We don't use any additional features except for that Thanks!
Hi @mysterious-bear-16140 👋 the dashboard is part of the paid Infracost Cloud plan. The free plan let’s you configure CI/CD, and show a comment in your PR, but the output will not be visible on the dashboard.
Thank you!