Or is it for `zonal` clusters under free tier ??
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Or is it for
clusters under free tier ??
@mammoth-microphone-92343 zonal clusters are supported, it’s just the free tier that isn’t. From the Google docs:
The GKE free tier provides $74.40 in monthly credits per billing account that are applied to zonal and Autopilot clusters. If you only use a single Zonal or Autopilot cluster, this credit will at least cover the complete cost of that cluster each month.
Infracost will show always show the $74.40 as a cost, so doesn’t know about the credit.
This is one of the clusters that’s infracost estimates in my org project. This amount adds to infracost estimation, would that be correct to say ??
To refine my estimations I added the node pool resource to the usage file.
This node-pool costs gets added to to the total monthly estimation.
Does this cover the cost estimate for this particular cluster in entirety now ?? am asking if correct I’ll add other node pools respective to their cluster within my usage file.
Also would this be correct inclusion of resources in my usage-file ??
The value for nodes in usage-file should be 2 or 3 ??
@mammoth-microphone-92343 the usage file is for specifying the number of nodes per zone. What is the total number of nodes you’re expecting to see?
Well, my cluster details ‘3’ as Number of nodes, of which we expect 0-2 nodes per AZ. I have shared the screenshot above with cluster node details, for reference.
@mammoth-microphone-92343 thanks, yeah I don’t think Infracost supports setting the overall node count just now, only the per zone node count. So for your case you’d want to set the usage-file value to 1. This should match the cost of 3 nodes total.