Hi Team, Is it possible to give terraform variable...
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Hi Team, Is it possible to give terraform variables input in the breakdown command. example: infracost breakdown --path . --terraform_vars 'vmsize=Standard_D4s_V3'
I am not using tf.vars file
yes the flag is
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Show breakdown of costs

  infracost breakdown [flags]

  Use Terraform directory:

      infracost breakdown --path /code --terraform-var-file my.tfvars

  Use Terraform plan JSON:

      terraform plan -out tfplan.binary
      terraform show -json tfplan.binary > plan.json
      infracost breakdown --path plan.json

      --config-file string           Path to Infracost config file. Cannot be used with path, terraform* or usage-file flags
      --exclude-path strings         Paths of directories to exclude, glob patterns need quotes
      --fields strings               Comma separated list of output fields: all,price,monthlyQuantity,unit,hourlyCost,monthlyCost.
                                     Supported by table and html output formats (default [monthlyQuantity,unit,monthlyCost])
      --format string                Output format: json, table, html (default "table")
  -h, --help                         help for breakdown
      --include-all-paths            Set project auto-detection to use all subdirectories in given path
      --no-cache                     Don't attempt to cache Terraform plans
      --out-file string              Save output to a file, helpful with format flag
  -p, --path string                  Path to the Terraform directory or JSON/plan file
      --project-name string          Name of project in the output. Defaults to path or git repo name
      --show-skipped                 List unsupported and free resources
      --sync-usage-file              Sync usage-file with missing resources, needs usage-file too (experimental)
      --terraform-var strings        Set value for an input variable, similar to Terraform's -var flag
      --terraform-var-file strings   Load variable files, similar to Terraform's -var-file flag. Provided files must be relative to the --path flag
      --terraform-workspace string   Terraform workspace to use. Applicable when path is a Terraform directory
      --usage-file string            Path to Infracost usage file that specifies values for usage-based resources