Can the login for the Infracost VS Code extension ...
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Can the login for the Infracost VS Code extension be reset, or does it just use the same configuration (e.g.,
infracost configure set api_key/pricing_api_endpoint
infracost auth login
as the CLI? Noticed it stays logged in if I uninstall it. (It doesn't seem to require the Infracost CLI to be installed in advance, so maybe it gets installed, anyway!) Just want to make sure the extension is connected to my self-hosted Infracost Cloud Pricing API instead of Infracost Cloud.
If I want my team to use my self-hosted Cloud Pricing API, do they just need the self-hosted API key secret and the endpoint URL and don't have to create an Infracost account?
@cuddly-analyst-30573 yep, they don’t need to create infracost accounts. The latest VSCode extension installs the CLI so I think all you need to tell your team members is to set the endpoint and your generated API key using the
infracost configure
commands you pasted above - if that doesn’t work as the binary is not in the path, they can set the env vars. One way to confirm that your own vscode extension is using your self-hosted API key is to goto Infracost Cloud > Org Settings > Regenerate API key so your laptop doesn’t have the new key. But if you do that, you should also update the INFRACOST_API_KEY env var for your self-hosted Cloud Pricing API so it can continue to download the pricing dumps in its k8s/docker cron job.