Hi, I had a curious question today at work and I f...
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Hi, I had a curious question today at work and I figured I'd ask here. For context, we leverage Terraform Enterprise in our org and are thinking about using either the built in TFE cost-estimation product or infracost product. The feedback from stakeholders was that either is good (infracost is better) but honestly a lot of our engineers will probably ignore it unless it's a really expensive jump in cost. Our major issue at the moment is rightsizing/overprovisioning. A solution that enables engineers to do this early in the process or integrates it into the pipeline would be of interest. Are there any plans in the product roadmap to tackle this issue? We use Cloudability for our classic cloud cost management tooling which helps with this but it's awfully manual and very ad-hoc. Cheers
Hey Chris, if you like I can demo our upcoming guardrails and recommendations features, which enable you to setup custom PR comments/notifications that are triggered on conditions - I’m not sure if that helps with rightsizing but we’re also working with users on a private beta of actual costs to bring in that info. I suspect we’ll also need perf data to do rightsizing fully. DM me if you’d like to jump on screenshare.