Morning guys, we have setup infracost and all work...
# help
Morning guys, we have setup infracost and all working fine. We decided to use the config file to break down the cost per environment and it still kinda works but does not break the environments up and just gives us an All Project cost at the end. Using this command, in Azure Devops: infracost diff --config-file $(Pipeline.Workspace)/s/$(Build.Repository.Name)/infracost.yml \ --format=json \ --compare-to=$(Pipeline.Workspace)/s/$(Build.Repository.Name)/infracost-reports/infracost-base.json \ --out-file=$(Pipeline.Workspace)/s/$(Build.Repository.Name)/infracost-reports/infracost.json Our InfraCost file: version: 0.1 projects: - path: . name: nonp usage_file: config/nonp/infracost_usage_nonp.yml terraform_var_files: - config/nonp/tf_nonp.yml - path: . name: prod usage_file: config/prod/infracost_usage_prod.yml terraform_var_files: - config/prod/tf_prod.yml When we download the json file it does show both environments but still does not show the break down in PR or in Dashboard