Hi, I'm new to infracost and just trying to play a...
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Hi, I'm new to infracost and just trying to play around with it for one of my projects. I have an aws msk cluster that I'm trying to run
infracost breakdown
for. The number of brokers, instance type, and ebs volume size are all stored as tf variables. When I view the output the instance type and number of brokers seems to be correct, but the storage cost seems to be a default value of 15GB, and does not match the ebs volume size that I set. Looking for some advice on how to debug this. I don't understand why two of the variables are parsed correctly but the volume size is not used in the cost calculations. Thanks!
Hi @faint-army-27722, assuming you’re using the latest CLI version (
infracost --version
v0.10.36), the CLI tries to detect projects in the repo:
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$ infracost breakdown --path .
INFO Autodetected 3 Terraform projects across 3 root modules
You can override that by passing-in your
Does passing your var file work as you expected? I’ve got time if you want to jump on a quick zoom screenshare