Hi all, I am new to infracost and am trying to fig...
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Hi all, I am new to infracost and am trying to figure out the infracost config file so that I can post one comment for all my envs. I have a directory like this:
- demo.integration
- configuration.tf.json
- demo.certification
- configuration.tf.json
Hello! The generate command tries to detect the TF files. From your example it seems there are no such files. Thus no projects
Hmm that would make sense, I’ll try converting this to tf and see what’s up
Hmm it seems there’s no way to convert from tf.json to tf. Would it ever be possible for infracost to support this format as terraform supports the tf.json format?
Ope turns out that’s not the issue and it does work with tf.json files What I the proper syntax for match path on a windows machine? I see in docs that is says to use ‘/‘ instead of ‘\’. But that results in syntax error. But when using ‘\’ like the doc examples show it just doesn’t find matching results. However if I put all files in the same directory and run the generate command it works.
@flaky-painter-29067 if you can possibly create a GitHub issue here with the windows error you saw we can see if it’s a bug we need to fix 🙂