Hi guys, I am testing infracost for my company and...
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Hi guys, I am testing infracost for my company and I ran into an issue regarding azure mysql flexible servers. Infracost return a price of 0 for the compute part of the database saying it can't find the price of the compute ressource. (see screenshot attached) The code is simple and is using the naming defined in azurerm terraform provider mysql_sku = "GP_Standard_D2ads_v5". This is not related to mysql only or this particular size since I have exactly the same problem for postgre flexible servers and B_Standard_B4ms size (but it works with size GP_Standard_D2s_v3). Is it something missing in the infracost API database or something I do wrong ? I hope you'll be able to help me, thanks in advance
@creamy-midnight-5030 thanks 🙏, yes this looks like an issue where Infracost isn’t handling these skus correctly. Are you able to create an issue here with a code block to reproduce this and we can have a look?