<@U01G5T3C76W> Hi Ali, Can you please guide me on ...
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@white-airport-8778 Hi Ali, Can you please guide me on below points as well: 1. If we want to use GitLab App integration(only CI/CD option), then we should use "infracost-usage.yml" or how it works? 2. We have multiple environments with different infrastructure, so in Gitlab integration how it works, will it show diff with all these environments? what is the baseline? Thanks in advance!
Sure 🙂 1. You don’t have to add an infracost-usage.yml usage file, but if you add it at the root of each repo, and the GitLab App reads it if it’s there and uses it automatically. 2. You can add an infracost.yml config file at the root of the repo to describe the multiple environments (e.g. dev, staging, production) and the gitlab app will use that automatically. The baseline is the cost of the main branch across all of those environments.