When selecting a resource or project in the wildca...
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When selecting a resource or project in the wildcard section of tagging policy's can you do a negative. We have on project with one resource that we wish to exclude labels from. (We still investigation why this resource comaplians about the labels set).
Hi @red-toothbrush-65619, we don’t support this yet. I’ll tag @white-airport-8778 here so he sees this feedback. Let me know if I can help to work out why that resource is complaining.
@red-toothbrush-65619 for the FinOps policies we’re developing a method to exclude certain resources from the checks - it sounds like a similar thing is needed for tagging policies. Can you paste a screenshot of the failing resource? It might be that we have a bug or need to add an edge case for that resource type’s tags (e.g. for
we have to check
and not
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resource "google_cloud_identity_group" "level0_folder_groups" {
  provider = google-beta
  parent   = "customers/${local.customer_id}"

  for_each = google_folder.level0

  display_name = "<redactied>-${each.key}"
  description  = "Access Control group for the GCP folder - ${each.value.display_name}"

  group_key {
    id = lower("<redacted>-${each.key}@${local.domain}")

  labels = {
    "<http://cloudidentity.googleapis.com/groups.discussion_forum|cloudidentity.googleapis.com/groups.discussion_forum>" = ""
    service_name      = local.labels.service_name
    tech_contact      = local.labels.tech_contact
    business_contact  = local.labels.business_contact
    service_owner     = local.labels.service_owner
   # release_id        = "automated"
    budget_code       = local.labels.budget_code
    nro               = local.labels.nro
FYI still waiting to see if the is some other reason
look like this is going to be are side, i just checked the code and i think i see a mistake i have the Engineer re-code it and try .
Very cool - I see that you’re using the regex feature of the tagging policies to check these
Let us know if it was indeed an issue on the code side, otherwise we can jump on it
Engineer made some change and the issue is now gone.
Thanks for confirming @red-toothbrush-65619!