Hi there, Infracost comment is showing wrong chan...
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Hi there, Infracost comment is showing wrong change and therefore wrong numbers. Can you please help me find out the reason for that?
Its thinks we are removing kubernetes cluster
Hi Igor, can you share the tf changes from the pull request?
but actually we just removed 3 VMs
I can go huddle and show all the stuff
message has been deleted
Hi Igor, can you look at the git log for the master branch of that repo? I see that we have estimates for shas: 8966a9b5e6eb301792ac20036f07b03afdc4dd9a (the original state of master) 8bd2081b55d04397702ed0a1d9648252b42c8f36 (the feature branch) 353de6b3a8231ede5ced06a33f20bf1d78a920d3 (the post merge state of master) I just want to double check that there aren’t any commits between 8bd20 and 353de that we’re missing
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2bce4f7c8b6036ae9313d9bd2a98db4da64d0c8d (HEAD -> master, tag: 1.0.1895, origin/master, origin/HEAD) Increase sla-imports quotas (#1584)
77b5196c36ef911e7f16d41894fc55d55233c32a (tag: 1.0.1894) add db workload (#1583)
80f1b3c5a00e9d7b760009f9660202f05fe40bc3 (tag: 1.0.1893) [personalization-pixel] add eu_aws deploy circuit (#1582)
ecb9e01c02ec905fd3a5d4222c5c14a39a3f7c33 (tag: 1.0.1892) [azure-terraform] remove haproxy-api (#1581)
8966a9b5e6eb301792ac20036f07b03afdc4dd9a (tag: 1.0.1891) Adding sla-imports namespace (#1580)
4f283c0597cf329e9964a48fffec24f3fcc486f9 (tag: 1.0.1890) Add personalization namespaces to eu-aws (#1579)
Hey just an update: I’m still working on this. It seems like there may be an issue with how we are handling the .infracost_cache files in our github app. I will keep you posted.
Hi Igor, this should be fixed as of now so please let me know if it reoccurs. It was a bit of beast to debug, so thanks for your patience and thanks for reporting it.
Good to know, thanks!
Is there any way to clear current misleading statistics?
I am ok if you can just wipe out everything in the account
We don’t have a way to delete individual estimates right now, but you can delete a repo which will will get rid of the historical estimates. You can go to the repo page by clicking on that link, then on the Settings tab there is a Delete button near the bottom
It will be recreated the next time a pr is opened
let me know if that works for you
i’ve deleted top 20 repos
and trying to re add them
nvm, now it works
well dashboard is clear, I’m gonna check it again in a week
I’ve checked the changes for the past week, and everything looks good.