```infracost comment github --path /tmp/infracost....
# help
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infracost comment github --path /tmp/infracost.json --repo juliusoh/portfolio-aws-terraform --github-token ${{ github.token }} --behavior=update --commit $GITHUB_SHA
Errors with
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POST <https://api.github.com/repos/juliusoh/portfolio-aws-terraform/commits/8ebabc614fa7b69c006ea450661a2026c40ac179/comments>: 403 Resource not accessible by integration []
Hello! Do you have permissions set to
pull-requests: write
in your workflow? GitHub recently changed token permissions to be read-only by default, that is why we should allow it to post comments explicitly. Here’s docs describing the issue: https://github.com/infracost/actions#permissions-issue. Could you please double check that?